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Stress and Teeth

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Life is stressful – and stress can cause symptoms like migraines, digestive issues, and many kinds of aches and pains. Stress can also cause teeth and gums to experience symptoms that include:

  • Enamel loss (erosion)
  • Tooth wear (abrasion)
  • Bite problems with sensitivity at the gum line (abfraction)
  • Sensitivity
  • Darkening tooth color
  • Cavities

Fight or Flight

Stress has an effect on our nervous system and produces a “fight or flight” response. These changes are useful for a short burst of strength and energy, but if the response is prolonged it can damage general and oral health.
This fear response alters the circulatory and nervous systems. Blood is shunted to heart and limb muscles, giving them improved efficiently to help us run from danger. Less useful parts of the body – like the digestive tract – get less blood and function less efficiently. Less minerals are absorbed into the blood from the digestive system, and less blood and minerals reach saliva-producing glands.

Oral Health Problems

Stress results is less saliva and saliva with less minerals, which is consequently more acidic. Teeth lose their normal saliva protection and their ability to repair and re-mineralize. Teeth can even be damaged by the acidic saliva as it sucks minerals from enamel, causing additional weakness and porosity.

Lack of protection leaves teeth to dissolve in acidic drinks or acid reflux (erosion). Teeth can wear away during toothbrushing or if a patient grinds their teeth (abrasion). Fragments of weak enamel can fracture at the gum line leaving a sensitive groove (abfraction).

What Can You Do?

All these problems stem from acidic saliva and the loss of normal tooth protection. Don’t try to “fix” the symptoms of sensitivity, weakness or erosion with a sensitive toothpaste or a plastic bite guard! First consider any reasons for chronic stress and check your diet, consider supplements, digestive probiotics, and how to calm your body and improve digestive health.

Tips for Protecting Teeth

1. Use xylitol mints and gum throughout the day to protect teeth from acidic damage.
2. Consider Zellie’s and Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System to strengthen enamel and reverse problems of sensitivity, porosity, and cavities, by naturally re-mineralizing enamel.

An Ounce of Prevention

Recent studies suggest an ounce of milled flaxseed in our daily diet for six months can be beneficial to health. Flaxseed has high levels of Omega-3s and studies show it reduces blood pressure, especially for patients with hypertension. It also appears flax seed can neutralize age-associated inflammation in the body. Hard to believe, but maybe an [...]

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"Xylitol's Celebrity Makeover" Video - AWESOME!

Evans Dental Health & Wellness has put together one of the best videos on xylitol we have ever seen - it's called "Xylitol's Celebrity Makeover"! What a fun way to talk about what xylitol is, how it works, and why it is so awesome (even if it doesn't have a snazzy name ;-))Thank you Evans Dental [...]

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World Oral Health Day 2015

Today is World Oral Health Day! It's an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote awareness of oral health issues.Why is it important to talk about oral health? Because 90% of the world's population will suffer from oral diseases in their lifetime and many of these diseases are preventable! Zellie's founder [...]

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Have you heard about our recent updates?

Zellie’s was founded in 2005 as a pioneer xylitol company. We have always sought to offer practical and effective products to improve the oral health of children and adults, and we work to make our products as convenient and delicious as possible. That is why this past summer we added an 18-count gum blister pack and a 65-count mint tin [...]

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Looking Good on the Shelf!

Our new jars are already on the shelf at the Bee Cave Whole Foods Market. They sure look yummy!And at Wegmans!

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