CHERRY BERRY Xylitol Dental Mints
CHERRY BERRY Xylitol Dental Mints
CHERRY BERRY Xylitol Dental Mints
CHERRY BERRY Xylitol Dental Mints
CHERRY BERRY Xylitol Dental Mints

CHERRY BERRY Xylitol Dental Mints

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Zellie's Cherry Berry Dental Mints are a flavorful combination of berry and cherry and just the right amount of sweet. Your taste buds will feel alive and your mouth refreshed after each mint.

Pick the size that works best for you. Or mix-and-match sizes to be sure you have Zellie's wherever your day takes you.

Zellie’s mints are sweetened with 100% tooth-friendly xylitol and each mint contains 0.55 grams of xylitol. Enjoy a few Zellie’s mints after each meal, snack or beverage to help neutralize acidity for a cleaner, healthier mouth.

Consume 6-10 grams of xylitol each day in 3-5 exposures for maximum dental benefit. 6.5 grams daily is sufficient to effectively reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Good bacteria that take their place are non-adhesive and appear to be protective of teeth over the long term.
SUGGESTED USE: Dissolve Zellie's mints in your mouth directly after meals, snacks and drinks.

Xylitol, Natural Cherry & Mixed Berry Flavors, Magnesium Stearate.
*all ingredients are GMO Free

Star-K Kosher Certified

For more information on Zellie’s Ingredients, please visit the Zellie’s Ingredients page.

Made in Canada

> Please Note: Zellie's Bulk Bags cannot be returned once opened. Not sure you'll like it? Please try our smaller sizes before purchasing in bulk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 142 reviews
Mints and gum give me bad stomachache

Pretty sure it's the sugar alcohol xylitol that upsets my stomach so bad. Disappointed because I bought two bags and two bottles and can't use them.

Roberta P.
Love them

Love these. I had 3 gum grafts, so I’m trying your program to see if it helps my recession at all.


Great taste!! Love ‘em!

Raymond K.
I was pleasantly surprised.

To best summarize my review, I would say I was pleased with the taste of the Cherry Berry Dental Mints. It is about a quarter of the flavor or a smarties candy but the plaque not sticking to my teeth is the real benefit. I am a more than satisfied customer and recommend this product.

Nancy P.
Zellies Cherry Berry Mints Are Great

I love these mints and especially this flavor. I am hoping they make a Cherry Berry gum soon. This is my go-to mint and always keep some on hand.