Mouth Watchers Youth Nano-Silver Toothbrush
Mouth Watchers Youth Nano-Silver Toothbrush
Mouth Watchers Youth Nano-Silver Toothbrush

Mouth Watchers Youth Nano-Silver Toothbrush


• Nano-Silver bristles eliminate 99.9% of bristle bacteria 6 hours after use
• Revolutionary Flossing Bristles™ - long, soft bristles with 
1 micrometer diameter tips for superior cleaning of teeth and gums; harder inner bristles ensure complete cleaning
• Comfort grip handle
• High quality construction
• PBT Bristle material outlasts traditional nylon used in competitive brushes
• The youth brush is made specifically for kids!

Youth brush is available in 2 color options: youth pink and youth yellow.

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- Antibacterial bristles embedded with silver: The brush is 99.9% bacteria-free within 6 hours after brushing. This is why the bristles are not pure white. Since the bristles are not coated, spread, or dipped in silver, the antibacterial effect does NOT wear off with the brushing, and does NOT go into the mouth or body. We literally melt the polyester with the silver in powder and extract the bristles from this mixture, so the silver is part of the bristle "fabric".

- Patented, scientifically designed bristles: The bristles are the thinnest on the market (one micro-meter at a tip). They reach different areas that other toothbrushes miss and brush away the plaque in the deepest roots where 90% of the cavities form. Moreover, they are so thin that they start the flossing job by getting in between teeth for a better cleaning. The bristles are also pointed at the end (versus the traditional round bristles) and have been proven to break the plaque better.

- Polyester bristles (versus nylon): This makes the brush last longer! Polyester has better bending and recovering properties than nylon (more than 80% brushes on the market are made with nylon bristles). Depending on how you brush, the Mouth Watchers Antibacterial Toothbrush can last up to 4 months (compared to the 3 month average of most toothbrushes).

Customer Reviews

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Lisa L.

Mouth Watchers Youth Nano-Silver Toothbrush

Really liking this toothbrush

I liked the Mouth Watchers toothbrushes so much I have switched use from my Sonicare. The larger size brush for the adult size does a much better job of brushing my teeth and gums. And the polyester bristle is so much more durable than any other toothbrush I have ever used. My teeth and gums are feeling so much better!

Angela S.
Nice child's brush

This brush seems just right for a child to use or when a parent helps out. Not too soft and not at all rough.

Best toothbrush

The material and the handle of the brush are superb. I'm a small woman, and the youth size fits perfectly and allows me to reach to back of the molars.

agreeable mouth feel

my grand-daughter approves of the extra soft mouth feel. i like that it's anti-bacterial.