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SHOP app delivery is aweful

Love the Zellie’s youth size toothbrush.
Perfect size for my adult mouth so that I can easily brush the gum area!

Great mouth care system

Love this program. I can already see a difference after a couple of weeks.

Upcoming dentist appointment

Started complete system in March will have my pockets measured next week so will let you know of any improvement then

Love the gum

The average never ends.

I just begin the process

So how it will rebuilt gum and bone

Love the Cool Mint Xylitol minst

I love the mints. I keep next to my bed and pop one in my mouth if I wake up with a dry mouth. Flavor lasts a long time!

Cinnamon xylitol gum

I tried another brand and the taste wasn’t as good.

Love Zellies

Taste great & make my mouth feel wonderful.


I ordered the Peppermint and the cinnamon flavors. Wonderful flavors! I have noticed my gums that were receding have actually started healing. I love this product! You won't be disappointed.

SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Mints

Very good taste and I hope they help to have good oral health!


They are really good, each one has a unique flavor, all of them very pleasant! I like all them!

Complete Mouth Care System Kit

I'm so grateful to have seen Dr. Ellie's YouTube videos because it's only been s few weeks and I already feel the difference. After years of dental problems, I finally have found this amazing kit!

I bought my family their own kit too! ❤

I received my package today and am looking forward to seeing oral health improve.

Dental care the easy way

The kit is complete and easy to use and follow the steps. Before I ordered the kit I had watched Dr Ellie on YouTube and I tried just the soft brushing technique on the gums and I felt that alone was a big help. My gums felt healthier and my morning breath was much improved. Now with the kit I tell anyone that will listen how great my teeth feel and I swear they are whiter it’s been 3 weeks and it’s a big difference. Thanks for spreading the good news that it’s simple and easy to take care of our dental health. I was disappointed that a toothbrush wasn’t included in the kit. Thanks. Liz V.

Thank you, Doctor for helping me and you have the best interest for me. God bless you.

I am enjoying my peppermint Xylitol gum! I am recommending it to my friends. It's excellent!

Awesome mints!!!

Awesome mints!

Towards Healthy Teeth

Great tasting Gum


This gum is absolutely delicious! We use to buy Pur brand but Zellie's is WAY better. My kids love it as well.

Have grown to like gum

My mouth and teeth feel so much fresher and cleaner and healthier using this gum

Legit gum

Flavor lasts a while, gum holds up pretty well long term.

Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit

Squeaky clean

I love the feel after cleaning my teeth including massaging my gums. It feels squeaky clean.

Great Short-Term Travel Companion!!

I went away for a long weekend, and this travel kit was amazing and convenient and just what I needed to stay on the Dr. Ellie dental/gum program!!!