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I like them

To curb my sugar intake I eat these instead of candy!

Love the mints

I LOVE the mints. So easy to pop in your month after you eat. And so yummy. I have one in my purse. And one in the car. And one in the kitchen. Also easier to use than the gum which would keep my jaw moving more. Mints are fun to crunch after eating/snacking.

The perfect dental mints!

Enjoy the cool mint flavor anytime, anywhere!

PEPPERMINT Xylitol Dental Gum

We're Talking About CINAMON!

WOW, I'm impressed! These cinamon mints are intense, in a good way! Anyone who likes cinamon will love these mints!

Easy to chew. Great, longest lasting flavor.

Love it. Longest lasting flavor in xylitol gum.


Small size that keeps mouth fresh.

Used while traveling

Love how this is fully inclusive. I took mini bottles while traveling. My favorite part of the kit are the zellies!!! I pop them in my mouth all day long!

I love them but wish I could buy them in a store rather than on line......

Well worse taken Xylitol mints...

I take them a long time, well worse it from experience and my dentists comments.

Great-tasting berry mints!!

These Zelle’s xylitol mints taste great!! I especially like the berry- and citrus-flavored ones!!

best toothbrush

Very comprehensive brush, I have 3 at a time so they dry when I am using the other one. Hold their shape for a long time !!

The best

Zellie’s have only what I need, and nothing I don’t

One of the Most Valuable Books I've Ever Read

At 73, I put my brother on this system and he had not seen a dentist in years. After seeing a new one, the dentist could not believe how good his oral health was and told him " whatever your doing, keep it up ".
My dentist has retired a few years ago, yet I am experiencing no plaque at all.
Thank you Dr. Phillips for being a true doctor; someone who truly seeks to improve our oral health and no just bilking people by taking advantage of their health problems. You are a true credit to the art of doctoring.
Thank you so much,

No citric acid

We love this flavor because it has no citric acid and keeps mouth pH more alkaline.

Very good

Wanted to try these. They are good. I like the berry ones better but I'm getting used to these fruity ones and they won't go to waste.

The best mints for dry mouth!

I’m extremely happy with these mints and so are my dentist and hygienist. They noticed a big improvement at my last visit. I am a lifelong customer and appreciate you sending samples. I would not normally buy another flavor since spearmint are my favorite. Thanks from one happy customer.


I love this product. It helps keep my mouth healthy and clean

RDH opinion

Amazing MINT flavor :D
Mints are intense~ long lasting;)

So tasty.

The fresh fruit is a nice change from a minty gum. It’s almost like a treat if you’re craving something sweet…and yet it’s good for your teeth!

COOL MINT Xylitol Dental Mints

Good not great

The flavor is really good just doesn't last very long especially compared to their other flavors

Great source of xylitol

Love these mints and how they are getting my mouth healthier!

Great toothbrushes!

Best Ever No Guilt

Love these delicious mints knowing there’s nothing bad in them like GM sugar or chemicals to do any harm to your teeth or diet.