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pH Testing Paper

pH Testing Paper

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 Understanding mouth acidity is key to oral health. Zellie's Mints & Gum help to stimulate mineral rich saliva which will then help alkalize your mouth.

We recommend using these pH testing papers to measure the acidity of your mouth at different times of the day. We encourage you to do the before and after test - test your pH before having your Zellie's and then test again after. You will see the difference having Zellie's Mints or Gum has on your mouth pH!

A pH over 7.0 is alkaline. 

Simply tear off a small strip of pH paper, dip into the saliva solution, then instantly compare the resulting color with the matching pH color chart. The pH testing paper roll comes with an easy to read color chart that matches at every .2 to .3 interval from pH 5.5-8.0. 

Each roll provides for approximately 100 tests.

Click HERE to learn more about mouth pH and how acidity affects your teeth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Elaine N.
Very Easy And Fun Test

This is a very easy and fun test where I can test my saliva acidity within reach. Amazing how it differs at different time of the day and after eating and drinking. Will order again after the two I bought runs out. Great product.

Read J.
excellent resource

This roll of pH testing paper is awesome to show a person like me how virtually all drinks are acid. I knew that drinking water from the facet was alkaline since water here in west Texas is so hard. WRONG. The test strips showed regular tap drinking water to be acidic. Apparently cities filter the good minerals out along with bad stuff and treat the water so it is definitely acidic. So far only special alkaline bottle water and regular milk is not acidic. Fun to test your saliva to see the pH level. One roll will last me a long time.

Elaine C.

The Zellie makes my mouth very fresh at all times I can't live without it now it has become part of my daily regime.